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Good Nutrition Means the Mediterranean Diet

This way of eating is named after the world region where it originates. It is a diet high in fat. However the people of the region naturally have lower incidence of heart disease and cancer. Much less than than people in other part of the world. Usually a diet high in fat correlates to high incidence of illness and death. The big difference researchers and food experts say is the olive oil. Olive oil is probably the healthiest oil on the planet. It is a mono-saturated fat that keeps blood vessels healthy

Other researchers contend it is more than just olive oil that makes the difference. The good nutrition stems from the whole of the ingredients. The diet is very high in fiber while the veggies, legumes and nuts are loaded with anti oxidants, while being very low in saturated fat. Not much red meat is eaten anywhere in the Mediterranean region and milk consumption is limited too. Cheese is usually made with fresh goat milk as is yogurt. Greek yogurt is said to be healthiest version of this type of food.

People who want to eat like a Greek need only follow the Mediterranean diet food pyramid. The base is formed by whole grain breads, cereals, potatoes, pasta and rice. Fruits and legumes, nuts and vegetables are the next largest source of good nutrition. Daily intake should include smaller amounts of cheese or yogurt and olive oil. Chicken or poultry, fish and eggs should be eaten weekly while red meats should be consumed no more then once a month. Six glasses of water should be drunk daily and red wine in moderation is okay, too. The Mediterranean pyramid does allow for sweets, but that is one sweet per week and no more.

The way to get into this good nutrition is to begin by replacing the oil you use now with olive oil. Use it in place of butter, margarine or other salad dressing oils. Olive oil is great for cooking and comes in varying intensities. If you like buttered bread, then dip your bread in olive oil instead. The bulk of the diet consist of veggies so get used to them. Find recipes that you may like and keep them handy for every meal. Learn to prepare vegetarian dishes to serve several times per week. Stay away from white bread and pasta. Add fish and some poultry to your diet occasionally. Fish contains omega 3 oil which are very good for the heart and brain, while being low in fat.

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